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Philip Street


Fisher farewell

Today's strip (above) marks the last appearance of "Fisher" in The Globe and Mail. I heard from the paper on August 10 that, due to a reshuffling of the arts and life sections, the comics page would be dropped. Ultimately the paper (I am told) decided to keep a smaller comics section... but not "Fisher" (or Graham Harrop's "Back Bench", the other comic that was exclusive to the Globe). Normally I wait a week to post strips after they appear in the paper; today I'm making an exception.

These are not good times for newspapers; how could they be good times for newspaper comic strips? Whatever struggles The Globe and Mail (along with all other mass media) are going through, I do thank them for their support of "Fisher" these twenty years — and, in particular, Warren Clements, the former Globe editor who brought "Fisher" on board and was my "editor" for most of its run. (I put "editor" in quotes because he let me get away with almost anything, except for the odd spelling mistake. For more about the early days of the strip, see the second post on this blog.)

Warren is also the publisher of a projected Fisher book to be published, we hope, this fall. Please keep eyes peeled for that, and check this site for developments.

There are no plans at this time to continue Fisher elsewhere, but if that changes you can read about it here. In the meantime I hope to extend the web archive of the strips back to the beginning of the run in 1992.

I want thank family and friends for their support, especially my wife, Vanessa Grant, who has been a supporter and collaborator since the beginning. Above all I want to thank the readers of the strip. I have heard, in person or by email, enough to know that the strip has resonated with many. This has been the most satisfying part of having Tom Fisher lead a public life. Thank you.

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