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Philip Street



My postings to this site have been sporadic lately… they're about to become much more sporadic. After 20 years in The Globe and Mail and another two years here, I'm putting Fisher to rest as a regular feature.It's been a big part of my life, and now seems like a good time to invest that energy in some other projects.

If you've been a fan of Fisher, thanks for your support. If you're new to the strip, please poke around the archive: you can pick a starting point and browse forward or backward in time through a several thousand strips. (I hope to scan and post the first 8 years of the strip eventually.)

Thanks to John Piasetzki for engineering and hosting this site. Thanks, as always, to Warren Clements, for championing Fisher at The Globe and Mail in the first place, and for publishing “When Tom Met Alison” through Nestlings Press (available at Thanks to my family, who have gracefully put up with appearing in the strip as distantly-related versions of themselves. And thanks to you, for reading. To stay up to date with my latest projects, please subscribe to my mailing list below.

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